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What Parents Are Saying about ReConnect and Linda Clement

"We are better parents for it."

We just finished ReConnect

by Lee-Anne Theron

My husband and I just finished Linda's course, and we had many ah-ha moments. We are better parents for it...

Linda's insights are so profound

by Renee Tougas

Some of Linda's insights are so profound...she's just given words to a change and a transformation in myself that I hadn’t quite been able to express...

I would not be the mother I am today

by Liz Yarch

I would not be the mother I am today without Linda's information and support...

I am a better version of me and a better mother

by Ashlee Domanski

My journey has been long and at times painful but I'm so thankful for Linda, I'm a better version of me and a better mother. I'm thankful for her patience, her amazing ability to listen and allow for self exploration and realization (even though she knows and could tell you).

What is Included in ReConnect?

If you could vastly improve your relationships in just 2 months, would you?

  • Resources

    This course includes a 63-page downloadable workbook with weekly check-in sections to track the changes you're making in real time, plus 17 instructional videos, 18 downloadable worksheets and resources, and links to dozens of additional online resources

  • Time Investment

    In addition to the 30-minute live session every week, the course material takes (on average) 2-3 hours to complete, counting the worksheet assignments, journaling and self-study, so you can get the most out of this material

  • Join the Discussion

    In addition to the 8 months of access to the online course, you are welcome to join the exclusive Facebook group, where you can permanently join in discussions with other parents, get your questions answered about your specific situation, and connect with your instructor

What You Will Learn

When you have completed this course you will:

  • feel the power of your natural authority as a parent

  • know how to handle high emotions and conflicts with love

  • feel confident and strong in reaching your goals for your family

  • have the peaceful, connected family you have always wanted

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We support parents of all colours and genders, LGBTQ2S+, all abilities and from everywhere in the world. #stophate

  • Is it true that all parents in a family (steps, exes, etc.) can all take the course for one price?

    Yes, nearly. If all the parents are in the same location, and can join using one computer (group hug!) the single enrolment covers all of them. If multiple computers will be used, please contact us for 'extra parents / same kids' discount coupons (after the first parents enroll, additional parents only pay 25% of the course fee to enrol.)

  • When does it start, and when are the live sessions?

    The course begins two weeks after enrolment, and the live sessions will be scheduled to accommodate the days parents are available, and the time zones enrolled.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    From the date of enrolment, all parents have access for 6 months to all the online components of the course. Downloaded materials (workbooks, worksheets, etc.) you can keep forever, and are encouraged to continue using.

  • If I can't attend the live portions, can I get a discount?

    The live sessions are a very important part of the course material, so we cannot provide a discount for parents who opt out. The live sessions of the course are valuable opportunities to go through your learning and discoveries about your own situation, so parents are strongly encouraged to attend every live session. If you know in advance you cannot attend live, please add your email to the mailing list and we'll keep you up to date on upcoming courses.

  • Can I have private sessions instead of group sessions?

    Yes, certainly. Contact your instructor for pricing and booking information for private sessions for yourself (and, if you like, the rest of your children's parents.) Private sessions are available as add-ons to the live course sessions, or instead of the group sessions.

  • Is this course geared toward parents of young children, or teens or ??

    No, this course is designed to meet the needs of people in the position of parents, with children of all ages. There is no point in a child's life when it is too late for parents to get better at connecting with their kids, and no point when children do not need to feel connected and supported by their parents.

  • Is this a good course to take before having kids?

    Absolutely! The information is foundational, building a strong and skilled base of communication skills and understanding that would set parents on a path together toward a peaceful family, alleviating many popular struggles before they begin.

ReConnect: 8 Weeks to Influential Parenting

A course for parents who want to build, re-build, or maintain their natural authority and position of influence in their children's minds and hearts.

Experience a deep dive into effectively connecting with children, over 8 weeks --including live sessions with ThriveParenting Coach Linda Clement, a 60+page downloadable (printable and fillable) workbook, instruction videos, worksheets, and more... Watch this video introduction to ReConnect:

Get Started Today

Are you ready to change the atmosphere of your home toward peace and understanding?

Downloadable (printable & fillable) Workbook

63 pages of worksheets, assignments and information

Download your workbook as soon as you enroll in the course, and start making meaningful changes right away. Keep it and use it over and over, long after the 8 weeks have passed, to see how far you've come.
Snip of a page from ReConnect workbook, image of mothers and children, fillable form to name your village

Thriveparenting coach

Linda Clement

I have been helping parents understand their children's unique development and quirky way of communicating since 1991, first as a La Leche League Leader (now retired after 30 years) then as a parent coach and educator (since 2002.) My approach to children is basic respect: for their humanity, their autonomy, and both their capabilities and limitations. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, and grandmother of one extremely tall and delightful young grandson (a 2-year-old masquerading as a 4 or 5-year-old! They are greatest gifts of my life. I have my Skilled Communicator designation from International Training in Communication, and I'm a former professional softball umpire, and author of 5 books (3 parenting: Lazy Parenting, parenting a simpler way; The Way and the Power of Mothering, meditations on balance, mothering and the Taoist Way; The Manual Your Child Came With, a book about your child, the last being an ebook.)

What Parents Are Saying about ReConnect

Lee shares her experiences with this course

Enrolment for the summer sessions ends July 31

Limited spaces available for this intensive group course, save your seat today!

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All parents want to influence their children from a place of loving authority, yet so many of us have no idea how to stay connected so they will listen

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