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Is there anything worse than being criticized as a parent?

Do you feel strong when you are criticized as a parent?

When you're pushed by critics, it's easy to flounder.

It's hard not to try to please the loudest voices you hear.

Confident parents have learned how to feel strong when they're criticized.

Do you want to learn how confident parents handle critics and criticism?

This 4-lesson course will show you:

  • Learn how to stand, so critics can't shake your sense of your value
  • Learn the principles you need to determine if criticism has anything constructive for you
  • Learn to handle criticism with ease, without arguing and without being meek
  • Figure out when criticism just doesn't apply to you or your kids

Thriveparenting coach

Linda Clement

Linda Clement, ThriveParenting Coach & Author Do you want someone in your life who will tell you that you're great, you're fantastic and everything you're doing is perfect? Don't we all? Do you need someone like that? I mean, it's nice and all... but if you were feeling really great about how your family was going right now, you'd probably not be looking at a course to improve it. Well, maybe you would. But when you look to improve, you need to have a very clear view of reality: what's not working ... so you can work on making it work better, yes? My approach to children is basic respect: for their humanity, autonomy, and capabilities and limitations. I am the mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother of one extremely tall and delightful young grandson who is a 2-year-old masquerading as a 4 or 5-year-old. I will, before too long, have a second grandson, because however long it takes, they always arrive... They are the greatest joys of my life. Oh, and ’m the author of 5 books, 3 of which are on parenting. Lazy Parenting: Parenting The Simpler Way The Way And The Power Of Mothering, Meditations On Balance: Mothering And The Taoist Way The Manual Your Child Came With, an ebook.

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