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Parents Handling Criticism... the easy way

How to easily win when you are criticized as a parent.

Raising Parents Inc.'s ThriveParenting course helps parents handle the critics and the contents of the criticism, so they can feel more confident.

When parents feel pushed by criticism, they flounder to please the loudest voices and fail to stay true to themselves. Flip-flopping and trying to please everyone is frustrating and confusing, creating havoc in families.

This 4-lesson course helps parents find a strong place to stand to face criticism with confidence.

Linda Clement
Linda Clement
parenting coach

Way back in the day, when my eldest was tiny... and I a miracle worker--look, I created life! ...I knew a woman who clearly hated her 8-year-old. I wondered then (and still, kind of, now) 'how did she get from where I am now to there?'

Vowing to figure out how not to get there, I followed around and sought out anyone and everyone who seemed to enjoy and actually liked their own children. Authors and speakers who seemed to actually like and respect children.

I have been helping parents understand their children's unique development and quirky way of communicating since 1991, first as a La Leche League Leader, then as a parent coach and educator (since 2002.)

My approach to children is basic respect: for their humanity, their autonomy, and both their capabilities and limitations. Everything I suggest arises out of this as I lift parents up to meet their own high standards.

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Course Curriculum

Parenting on Two Feet: Handling Criticism and Critics
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Making Things Worse: How Making Sure and Giving Choices Cause Problems
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Positive Parenting: What Parents are Worth and Staying Positive
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