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Linda Clement
Linda Clement
parenting coach

About the instructor

I have been helping parents understand their children's unique development and quirky way of communicating since 1991, first as a La Leche League Leader, then as a parent coach and educator (since 2002.)

My approach to children is basic respect: for their humanity, their autonomy, and both their capabilities and limitations. Everything I suggest arises out of this as I lift parents up to meet their own high standards.

Learn to handle criticism...the easy way
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Some of Linda's insights are so profound...
she's just given words to a change and a
transformation in myself that I hadn’t quite
been able to express...
ReneeTougas, teacher ~encourager ~ beauty seeker
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Linda Clement

I would not be the mother I am today without Linda's information and support...
Liz Yarch,
special ed aid, Montessori school admin

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Is there anything worse than being criticized as a parent?

Do you feel strong when you are criticized as a parent?

When you're pushed by critics, it's easy to flounder.

It's hard not to try to please the loudest voices you hear.

Confident parents have learned how to feel strong when they're criticized.

Do you want to learn how confident parents handle critics and criticism?

This 4-lesson course will show you:

  • Learn how to stand, so critics can't shake your sense of your value
  • Learn the principles you need to determine if criticism has anything constructive for you
  • Learn to handle criticism with ease, without arguing and without being meek
  • Figure out when criticism just doesn't apply to you or your kids

Course Contents

15 Videos
4 Texts
4.0 hrs